A positive Change

Watch part 6 of
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A positive Change

Watch part 6 of
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How you can help

We need your help to clean up the rivers of Ethiopia’s Sidama coffee region and provide a better life for the thousands of people who rely on them. With your donation, Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee will match every dollar with a donation of their own. Together, we can bring cleaner water to the people who grow our coffee.

Over the next 2 months we NEED your help to raise enough money to convert 4 wet mills.

The cost to convert a wet mill is around $25,000.
That’s a small price to pay for a more sustainable coffee harvest.


wet mills funded
and ready to convert

A Message from the Marley Family

A Song for a Movement

Stream Ziggy's So Many Rising below thanks to the generosity of Ziggy Marley and his belief in Water Wise Coffee.

So Many Rising

Ziggy Marley

With the help of the Marley family and Marley Coffee, achieving our goal is even more within our grasp.

Our Mission Statement

Water Wise is a commitment to improving lives, ecology and economies at origin through projects that address water related issues.

What do we need from you?

Every dollar counts, we need your support to help fund the project and spread the word! Your donations will go towards creating a more sustainable wet mill. This starts with creating a Vetiver grass wetland to filter water, as well as composting coffee cherry pulp to help future coffee bean plants grow.

Where will your money be going?

We want to make sure you know exactly where your donations will be going. 100% of your donation goes directly towards preparing and converting a wet mill. Your donation supports the following activities:


TechnoServe is a nonprofit organization thatdevelops business solutions to poverty. Founded in 1968, it works with enterprising men and women in 30 developing countries to build competitive farms, businesses and industries. By linking people to information, capital and markets, it helps them create lasting prosperity for their families and communities. For nine straight years, TechnoServe has earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, placing it in the top 1 percent of all its rated nonprofits.

TechnoServe has worked in the coffee sector for more than four decades, helping to build a sustainable global coffee industry that can lift millions of farming families out of poverty.

Real Community Impact

“Since the grass was planted, I use the river for washing again… It has stopped the pollution.”

Read Her full story

“More than anything, I am happy that I don’t have to come early in the morning during harvest season – and no longer being late for school.”

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“Now my children are free. They can go and take baths and wash their clothes at any time, as I used to do.”

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Other ways to get involved

Try some delicious Ethiopian coffee and support these great Water Wise Coffee brands.

Marley Coffee One Love

An organic medium roast with exotic floral and berry notes.

Brown Gold’s 100% Ethiopian

A bold roast with a potent floral aroma and delicate citrus and green tea notes.

You can also download social media assets to dress up your Facebook and Twitter accounts to show your support for Water Wise CoffeeTM.

You can choose any of the images below!

the program at work

The results of the Water Wise CoffeeTM program are being independently tested by Hawassa University, the leading university in Southern Ethiopia, in partnership with TechnoServe. Their results have shown a dramatic improvement in just two years.

During harvest season, researchers from the university are testing five indicators of water quality in the river:


(Chemical Oxygen Demand)

Acidity Level

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)

(Pre-harvest baseline of 86 mg/L=1)

Dissolved Oxygen


(Total Suspended Solids)

With a BOD baseline established at 86 mg/L, the BOD level of the water typically increases more than four-fold during peak harvest – that’s the equivalent of turning the water into raw sewage.

But after just one year of the Water Wise CoffeeTM program, the BOD level during peak harvest is less than twice the baseline rate. After two years there is very little difference at all between the baseline and the peak harvest rate.

What does all that science mean?

What that translates into is cleaner water for some of the 480,000 people who live near the river and, as a consequence, better and healthier lives.

Water Wise CoffeeTM Sites in 2015

The converted wet mills are in the Sidama coffee region in Ethiopia.

Click on any point to see the wet mill names.

We started with just seven wet mills in 2012, the first year of the program. In just one harvest season those seven Vetiver grass wetlands filtered an estimated 35,000 cubic meters of waste water from a total of 1,900 metric tons of processed coffee cherry.

There are now more than 27 wet mills using Vetiver grass wetlands to clean their wastewater.

The Water Wise CoffeeTM program needs your help to clean up the Sidama coffee region.